AI Takes Radar to the Future. Now.

We utilize Deep Neural Networks for outperforming Automotive Radar RF signal processing

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Enhanced radar performance for detection of All road users in complex scenarios and in severe weather conditions.

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Reduce Cost &
Time to Market

Pure software solution hosted on vehicle ECU/DCU, with plug-and-play integration to various radars.


Towards full autonomy

Pushing perception boundaries to provide True Redundancy needed for Full Autonomy  

Next generation AI-based radar perception


Under the hood

Axon Pulse’s pioneering approach to radar signal processing

DeePulse utilizes deep learning algorithms that uncover hidden features in the radar signals to outperform classical radar algorithms and dramatically improve radar perception. 

Radar classification challenge winner


MAFAT Radar Challenge: Solution by Axon Pulse

Radar target classification — is it a human or an animal?