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Our Story

Axon-Pulse present a novel AI-based techniques, which dramatically improved the performance of Ground, Naval and Air defense Radars. 

Axon-Pulse revolutionizes the Radar Signal Processing using Artificial Intelligent and Deep Learning techniques. 


Up to now, the self-driving car hasn't reached full automation level as was expected. Key challenges revolve around sensors' performance, sensors' price point and the complexity of traffic scenarios.


DeePulse, is Axon Pulse’s next-generation radar Signal Processing engine. It uses Neural Networks, to increase radar sensitivity and range, improve detection, enhance resolution & separation and improve tracking. It also enables entirely new capabilities such as: radar-AI-based targets Classification


DeePules, is built with a pioneering approach for AI & DL radar signal processing. It takes advantage of hidden features in the radar signals to outperform classical radar algorithms and improve radar perception dramatically. Whether from Raw IQ data, through range-doppler and time-doppler representations, towards high resolution point clouds, DeePulse can use various types of radar data input, to provide comprehensive insight for any scenario.


DeePulse is a lean Neural Network SW that runs on real-time. Being software ONLY it can process data of various radars @ Ground, Naval and Air defense including 4D imaging radars.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Gil Goldman
Yaniv Vintrob
Itay Nourian 
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Our Commando team

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